Hair Transplant Los Angeles Cost

Hair Transplant Los Angeles Cost

Hair transplant Los Angeles cost procedure varies depending on several factors. Nevertheless, when hair transplant is done properly, it increases hair volume thereby improving the look of a person. In fact, many people undergo hair transplant to have full or fuller hair on their heads. If hair thinning or baldness is an issue that is bothering you right now, it might be wise to consider hair transplantation. And, once you undergo the right procedure, you will have a better look and feel more confident.

Nevertheless, ask your hair transplant surgeon how much you will pay for the procedure first. In most cases, the procedure typically costs between $4,000 and $15,000. Since many insurance companies see hair transplant as a cosmetic procedure, this cost is usually out of pocket.

Here are some of the factors that will determine hair transplant Los Angeles cost:

Your location

Where do you live? If you live outside Los Angeles and you want to undergo a hair transplant procedure in this city, you need to factor in transportation cost. The cost of your procedure will also be higher if you have to pay for accommodation because you need to arrive at Los Angeles earlier for consultation. Additionally, the number of hair transplant surgeons in Los Angeles will influence the cost of your procedure. Therefore, conduct some research to know the amount that different surgeons charge for the procedure that you want to undergo.

The best procedure for you

You can undergo slit grafts or micro-grafts hair transplant procedure. However, the cost of each of these procedures varies. That’s because each requires a varying amount of time and skills to perform.

Skills of the surgeon

Highly skilled hair transplant surgeons charge more. However, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that high prices do not always imply superior skills. Therefore, conduct extensive research and compare prices when choosing a hair transplant Los Angeles surgeon.

Amount of hair to be transplanted

If you want the surgeon to add a few patches, you will pay a significantly less amount. However, if you want the surgeon to increase hair volume on your entire scalp, you will pay more.


In addition to the cost of your hair transplant procedure, you may have to incur extra recovery costs. It’s important that you consider these expenses when budgeting for hair transplant. They include pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and antibiotics expenses. If you encounter complications like infections, you should have them treated. Nevertheless, compresses and antibiotics can provide relieve for this problem. This can increase the overall cost of your hair transplant procedure.


To get the best deal on hair transplant in Los Angeles, shop around first. Also know the available hair transplant options and what’s best for you. Ideally, schedule consultation with different surgeons and find out what is involved in their procedures. For instance, a surgeon that includes aftercare in the cost of a hair transplant procedure will save you additional expenses that you may incur if you get infections after the procedure.

Nevertheless, bear in mind the fact that hair transplant is a procedure that will affect how you look for the rest of your life. Therefore, choose a surgeon that gives you the best deal on a quality hair transplant Los Angeles procedure.

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