Fue Hair Transplant Los Angeles Cost

FUE vs. FUT Hair Transplant

Once you decide to undergo a hair transplant Los Angeles procedure, it’s important that you choose the procedure to have. FUE and FUT are the major hair transplant procedures to choose from. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT methods differ in the way physicians extract hair follicles from donor areas, healing period, and costs. Fue hair transplant Los Angeles cost.

The approach

FUE and FUT differ in the approach that is taken by the physicians. With FUE procedure, the follicular units are taken from the scalp directly without removing any strip of the tissue. Thus, the physician removes hair follicles randomly. The result is a donor area with less density that is not even noticeable.

On the other hand, FUT process entails the removal of a small tissue strip from the back of the patient’s head. The donor hair follicles are extracted from this tissue. The physician harvests hair follicles from this strip before they are transplanted to the recipient areas individually. In cases of serious hair loss, FUT is the most preferred method since it enables the physicians to use the scalp area fully to deliver results that are consistent with the expectations of the patient. Typically, FUT allows transplantation of larger grafts in one session.

Pain management

FUE procedure has a shorter healing time. That’s because no stitches are required. Additionally, the patient does not have a scar to heal. In fact, many FUE patients have less post-procedure pain and discomfort compared to FUT patients.

With FUT, some patients experience more discomfort. That’s because of the area where a tissue strip is removed. In some patients, this area tends to swell. However, both FUE and FUT have manageable recovery time. A physician can also prescribe pain medication if necessary. But, hair transplant Los Angeles procedures are usually outpatient surgeries. In fact, some patients report to their workstations the next day.


FUE procedure entails removing individual hairs from the scalp. That means this procedure does not leave a linear scar behind. Nevertheless, there are puncture marks with a diameter of 1mm or less that heal after scabbing-over. In most cases, the marks heal within a week.

On the other hand, strip extraction that is done during a FUT procedure creates a narrow, linear scar at the back of the patient’s head. This scar has a diameter of 1mm or less. However, it is easy to conceal because it is very thin. Many patients conceal this scar with a short or moderate crop clippers setting. Over time, the scar becomes less noticeable and fades eventually.

Fue Hair Transplant Los Angeles Cost

FUE is a time-sensitive procedure. That’s because physicians remove hair follicles individually. This makes it expensive than FUT procedure. FUT on the other hand is priced on per-graft basis. That means every patient pays for what they need in terms of grafts. FUT doesn’t have a flat rate that is lower than the price of a FUE procedure.

Hair transplant physicians determine the most appropriate procedure for a patient during the initial consultation. Generally, the choice of a hair transplant Los Angeles procedure is largely determined by the classification of hair loss, the thinning area size, quantity and quality of the donor hair available. Fue hair transplant Los Angeles cost.

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